Thursday, February 5, 2009

AR-15 Complete

Wow. It's been awhile, and yea, though you may have committed me to the scant memory of the internet's abyss, I am indeed still here. I would like to introduce to you, for the first time in a public forum, my Superior Arms S-15 rifle, built by yours truly over a period of many months. Thanks go out to my wife who let me do this:

Rundown of the nitty-gritty:
Superior Arms S-15 lower receiver
YHM A3 Upper w/ M4 ramps
CMMG Lower Parts Kit
DEZ Arms 16" Gov't. profile barrel (ramps hand finished by me to match upper)
YHM Rifle-length freefloat lightweight railed handguard
Promag Vertical Foregrip
Collapsable Stock
YHM solid Front Sight
UTG A2 Rear Sight (will be replaced with a YHM rear soon)
MagPul XTM Rail Panels
Model 1 Sales Charging Handle
Larue Tactical M-16 Bolt Carrier Group.
I'm also using a std. A2 flash hider, and a carbine length gas system (with a YHM low-profile gas block). Assembly of the lower took about 10 minutes on the first try, with no flubs or scratches anywhere, and the upper assembly was done properly with all the tees crossed and lower-case jays dotted (That means an action block and a torque wrench, with locktite where locktite was needed).

I took it out and got a 50/300 yard battle zero on it, and shot it in a Highpower match this past weekend. I generally speaking can't shoot for shit in a match, but I did manage a 96-2X sans sling in sitting rapid, so the gun is at least good enough to score well on the SR-21 target. I really intended this as a "every American should own one of these" type builds rather than a high-precision deal, as I've got my K-31 if I need to put holes in things at great distances, and I'm very happy with it. I will be adding an Aimpoint M3 or M4 in the very near future and I think it will make a great little rifle.


Pointman said...

Finally! Nothing like having fun on a weekend!

Anonymous said...

AHHHHH the AR-15.....allowing white trash and policemen the chance to pretend they're in the military since 1959.

Mike Gallo said...

Anon, the same could be said for the Springfield 1903A3 or the M1 Garand, you dumb fuck. Ergonomics, ease of use, accuracy, light weight, reliability; these are the things that everybody wants in a rifle, not just the military.

Anonymous said...

well judging by your reaction I guess we all know which category you fit in lol. Guess what I own one also but when you compare it to the 1903a3 or the m-1 how many people deck them out in gucci gear so they look like a delta underwater scuba ninja sniper. As far as your resons for owning one I agree with ease of use and lightweight but the others are a joke----we're talking about a varmint rifle here people not a sniper rifle this is great for a plinking gun on the weekends where you can waste a lot of cheap ammo but other than that stop being a poser and get a real rifle....that is unless you're waging war on a prairie dog population and in that case let her rip bubba.

Mike Gallo said...

It's the most popular target rifle in the country; why don't you go bother the line at Camp Perry about their "ninja gear" and see where that gets you.

You've worn out your welcome and exceeded your allotment of ad hominems; take it somewhere else, troll.

michael said...

I love the AR15! I think it's a beautiful rifle. I built my own and I that might be why I'm so attached to it.