Friday, May 18, 2012

M0AR EFIz!!11e1v3nty

Sick of COM problems; went to Bluetooth wireless.  I found that the handshaking mod for the V3.0 board cannot be in place, or these things freak out and try to open discrete incoming and outgoing ports, and then everything stops working after a few seconds.

 Here's the RS232 to BT adapter; $7 on eBay.  I removed the Male DB9, as I won't be using it.
 Here is the quick modification to get 5V+ from PIN 9 on the DB9 to the + terminal on the TTL header.  For MS1, the default settings of 9600/8/N/1 work perfectly, but in order to change the device name and passkey, I've got a USB to TTL adapter on the way.
Here is is mounted in the DB9 of the MS1.  Note I've got an MS3+3X case for when I upgrade; I figured why add cost?  Plus this means the footprint won't get me into trouble as I move up and find out I mounted it somewhere it won't work if taller!
  Here's the ASUS Bluetooth dongle I got for around $10.
 Here it is talking wirelessly in realtime with my computer, running on the JimStim before it goes back into the car.
And my case modifications for the "cool" factor; here you can see the BT adapter and the JimStim both connected, and you can see the red glow from the connectivity LED on the BT adapter showing pairing with my computer (the LED is on the RS232 side of the board).