Monday, August 25, 2008

I Thought This Was Settled...

David Codrea brings up an old discussion on what would be used by modern hunters on a T-Rex, though I suppose self defense shootings would likely be necessary for anyone living in an inhabited area.

I thought this matter was already settled by Lara Croft. You simply have to find a large clearing with four ancient spiked wheels in it, shoot it with dual .45 ACP 1911-A1s, or Dual .45 ACP USP Expert Match handguns, to enrage it. Run towards one of the wheels, and when it charges, use your special "bullet time" ability (like in John Woo movies) to stun it with a single headshot, and it will slam into the wheel. Do this with three of the four spiked wheels, and the beast will fall.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Building an AR-15

This is a fairly new endeavor for me - I recently bought a Superior Arms S-15 stripped lower receiver, and a CMMG lower parts kit. I'm using a generic 6-position collapsible stock, and that's it for now. I'll post pics when I get the chance, but thanks to for the wonderful thread about assembly, including a few videos of the process.

I'm currently shopping for some used upper parts, so if any readers (do I have readers?) have anything lying around in the parts bin, I'm in the market for some purchases.

I'm thinking of building a 16" M4 profile with an M4 flattop and some sort of free-floating 4-rail hand guard. My WASR or K-31 just aren't tacti-cool enough for an HK-owning "operator" such as yours truly.

No Excuses...

I've just been lazy- posting comments elswhere and not posting here. Now, for a few posts...