Sunday, June 1, 2008

High-Power Rifle Match #2

Well, I just got back from my second High-Power match. Again, this was at West Bend Barton Sportsmans' Club, and was 4 ten round relays of 10 shots each. I scored a 298 this time (out of a possible 400), and my groupings were much better. I've got to get used to having a slightly different zero in the different positions, and that will bring the groups closer to the center. I hope to hit at least 84% next match, which will put me into the Sharpshooter class. I did the math, and if they all go in the black, you're there.

On another note, instead of taking the handicap and shooting the rapid fire relays in two strings of 5, at 70 seconds each, I used charging clips borrowed from my buddy to shoot all 10 in 70 seconds. It was a blast! Let me tell you, I don't doubt that a squad of men with bolt actions and a ready supply of ammo on chargers could lay down a TON of fire. I'm going to pick up some of the chargers and plan on using them from now on.

Oh, score breakdown was:
Offhand, Slow (200 yards): 75
Sitting, Rapid (200 yards): 81
Prone, Rapid (300 yards): 75
Prone, Slow (600 yards): 67

On reduced targets (SR-1, SR-1, SR-21, and MR-31, respectively), shot at 100 yards.

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