Friday, November 11, 2011

Gun Belt Setup

First iteration. I'll need to get some more range time into it to see what works and what doesn't. I already know I want to replace the Eagle mag carriers with HSGI tacos, and hopefully make some space for an IFAK.
Number 1 is a spacer I made to hold the Gerber LMF II up higher up the belt, and I might use these to further secure the bottoms of the Eagle mag pouches as well.
Number 2 is a "keeper" I made (I made several) to hold things in place side-to-side. Namely, the suspenders, where I couldn't sandwhich them between other straps.
Number 3 is just showing how I mounted the suspenders to be adjustable (no velcro) but still not move side to side because of the keeper on one side and the pouch PALS strap on the other.
Number 4 is the PALS strap for the mag pouch; I put velcro on the back so it cannot move side to side, and it is sandwhiched pretty well up and down, too, so there is no movement during use so far.
This shows the backside of the PALS strap with the velcro (I used ShoeGoo for the velcro), and the first fold of the keeper.
This shows the keeper fully unfolded; one end has velcro on both sides (to interface with the belt, and to fold over and close) and the other end has velcro on one side only (for closing).

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